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Our Test-beds

Testbeds were selected from Amsterdam, Istanbul and Graz under the Codaloop project. Three neighborhoods (Feneryolu, Sahrayıcedid and Caferaga) from Kadıköy district of Istanbul were chosen as testbed. Kadikoy is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul Metropolitan Area with a population of 482.571. The   residents  of   Kadikoy  neighbourhoods generally have  high  education  and  income  levels. The neighbourhoods  have  a  diversty  of building  types.  While  three  neighbourhoods are selected as  testbeds based on socio-demographic parameters, All neighboorhoods will have the opportunity  to  use  the  CODALoop platform.


The neighbourhood has a heterogeneous building stock, which is subject to intense urban renewal on a plot by plot basis. The urban fabric dominated by detached building types.

The existance of a university in the neighborhood provides the opportunity to observe the energy consumption behaviours of young generation.


The neighbourhood has amore homogeneous building stock, dominated by detached buildings. House estates with high-rise buildings (10 + floors) also exist. Urban renewal activity is at a relatively moderate level.

The neighborhood borders D-100 highway. Two stations of Kadıkoy-Kartal metro line are located within the neighborhood. It is one of the pilot sites for recycling projects of Kadikoy Municipality.


The traditional center of Kadıkoy is located in the neighbourhood where there is a considerable amount of historic buildings. The urban fabric is composed of atteched building types. Urban renewal activity is very low.


The neighbourhood is centrally located. It is a walkable neighborhood and has a high level of accesibility to many transportation modes.

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