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November 21, 2016

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Amsterdam Notes: De Ceuvel

De Ceuvel


De Ceuvel is a sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises on a former shipyard adjacent to the Johan van Hasselt channel off the river IJ in Amsterdam North. In 2012, the land was secured for a 10-year lease from the Municipality of Amsterdam after a group of architects won a tender to turn the site into a regenerative urban oasis. The seventeen refurbished houseboats offer space for creative entrepreneurs.


De Ceuvel is also called as a Cleantech Playground. The concept was developed to stimulate new ways of thinking about how resources could be managed in the communities. It responds to the ambitious sustainability targets set early on by the De Ceuvel community. Throughout De Ceuvel are showcases of technologies and techniques that operate on a small scale to close local cycles and bring the Ceuvel community back in touch with their basic needs. The creative reuse of waste materials throughout the site is a key component of extracting value and nutrients from what many people view as waste.


Here is the techniques at De Ceuvel through the overview below;

  • Biogasboat

  • Circular Buiksloterham

  • Compost Toilets

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Helophyte Filters

  • Phytoremediation

  • Solar Energy

  • Struvite Reactor

  • Upcycling

  • Aquaponics Greenhouse


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