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İstanbul Toplantısı: Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi

November 21, 2016

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Istanbul Meeting: Yıldız Technical University

November 21, 2016




Second meeting of the CODALoop is held in Istanbul, hosted by Yildiz Technical University. Beside its intense presentation programme, Organized visits to Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Kadikoy Municipality, Caferaga Volunteers and Kadikoy Academy are actualized after discussions on presentations. Second day of meeting passed with discussions on the following steps and managerial issues.


Here is highlights from presentations :


  • According to Amsterdam team’s presentation “Changing Energy Needs and Energy Efficient Lifestyles” the conceptual framework for “Energy Efficient Lifestyles” and “Feedback Loops” are discussed. In the last draft report, the “data driven feedback loop” has been removed from the conceptual framework by Amsterdam Team. After the discussion, all partners agreed on a revised version of the graphic illustration where data driven feedbacks are also within the concept.


  • According to YTU team’s presentation “Energy Use Indicators and Calculation Algorithm” YTU team pointed out complexity of measurement of energy related to the food consumption and leisure activities. All partners agreed on including a simplified algorithm for food consumption. The inclusion of “food consumption” will be investigated by YTU team first, then will be shared with all partners. UvA team will also make some research on the food consumption. As for the leisure domain; all partners agreed on the complexity of integration of leisure activities to the energy use algorithm. YTU team has declared that the energy use algorithm is ready for the platform, however constant variables should be checked with Amsterdam and Graz as they should be obtained through institutional/local authority statistics.


  • According to Graz team’s presentation, a comprehensive literature summary on cognitive models for behaviour change has been presented. Graz has declared that the selected model will be determined after a data collection process. All partners agreed on a survey that will be conducted by Graz related with behavioural energy consumption. A next step will be deciding on which interventions to be implemented and how gamification could be used. According to P1M1’s presentation, some actions are taken for user account info and privacy. “For user account info; platform will not ask too much personal information but rather questions within ranges (such as “Age” and “Income” info). For user privacy; platform will collect user’ data optional”.





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