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İstanbul Toplantısı: Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi

November 21, 2016

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Second Istanbul Meeting | Yıldız Technical University

March 1, 2018

Fourth meeting of CODALoop was held in Istanbul second time. First day, parties of project shared the stage they came and their experiences about the platform in separate six sessions. In final session, steps that is about future of project were discussed.


In the beginning of meeting that its opening speech was made by Prof. Zeynep Enlil, the activities and events were arranged as below.


-The team were informed about the two articles that were prepared by our teammates Rumeysa Ceylan and Gonca Akgül for 53th ISOCARP Congress and the posters that were earned awards.


-The animation film prepared for introduction of CODALoop was watched.


-The short film compiled from first user meeting held in Kadıköy was watched.


-Sample of the certificate and badges presented to users were shown.


-General evaluation of the Kadıköy meeting was made.


-Flyers distributed in different neighborhoods in the Kadıköy were showed.


In the second session, Asst. Prof. Ayşegül Özbakır who is from Yıldız Technical University, referring to the basic problems and disruptions in CODALoop user platform, she gave essential information about data collecting and analysis stages. Also in the direct of feedback from volunteers, necessity to see separately each score of energy consumption in dwelling and mobility was pointed out.



In the third session, Beatriz Revilla who is from University of Amsterdam, made a presentation about their team’s progression and the events they made/are going to make for the energy efficient lifestyle.


In the fourth session, Michael Bedek from Graz University of Technology made his presentation that includes studies about collecting data in the energy consumption behaviors. In the session which the possible outputs for the cognitive model were discussed, the importance of supports of sponsor was underlined. Besides of this, the “e-bike” reward system of Graz which designed for increasing volunteers’ motivation was mentioned. Possible methods about the survey were discussed.


In the fifth session, after the presentation of Delf University of Technology’s team about social media analysis, the work required to create the "Energy Consumption Dictionary for Terms" was mentioned.


In the last session, several suggestions about developing the platform were discussed through the opinion of teams.























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